Nutrition FAQs

What does nutrition have to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The goal of nutritional and dietary counseling is to help a person make and maintain dietary changes. In context to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the goal is to bring the body’s energy and Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) back into balance using the food they eat every day.

The ancient Chinese believed that each food has thermal and medicinal qualities. Using the unique methods of TCM we can analyze the foods that are being consumed and see where the imbalances lie. We can then make suggestions to help guide you into a more balanced and therapeutic nutritional regimen.

What can a nutritional change do?

Using TCM to balance your diet has been proven to…

·        Improve Mood

·        Combat Diseases

·        Boost Energy

·        Improve Longevity

·        Balance Weight

What happens when we talk about nutrition?

A dietary consultation can be as simple as a discussion about the food choices you are currently making or as complex as forming a shopping list and recipe plan.

We may ask you to keep a food diary for a week. Then we can see what types of foods your body is craving and if there are any places to add specific foods for your overall health keeping in mind that the goal is balance. If you would like, we can guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate foods for the season as well as provide recipes for you to try.

Food is medicine and is an integral part of your healing, this is the most important aspect of dietary counseling.

Is nutritional counseling covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, nutritional counseling is not covered by insurance. That being said, we do not charge you extra for making recommendations about your diet and nutrition. This is part of your intake process and is not charged separately.

When used together, whole systems modalities mutually enhance each other for a greater benefit.