Aroma-Point Therapy FAQs

What is Aroma-Point Therapy?

Aroma-point therapy is the use of essential oil blends at and around specific acupuncture points along the channels of the body. We formulate all of our own essential oil blends from organic, locally sourced products. Each blend is designed to be a mirror image of an ancient herbal formula used thousands of years ago.

How does Aroma-Point Therapy work?

Aroma-point therapy touches more on the emotional and spiritual aspects of the organ systems. By contrast, herbal formulas mainly focus on the physical aspects of the organ systems. When the oil is applied to the skin, the acupoint is stimulated and along with the fragrance of the oils, the Qi gently balances the psyche. When we combine an herbal formula and an essential oil formula together, they mutually enhance each other and bring about a holistic balance. Consider requesting an herbal consultation to find out if this is right for you.

Does insurance cover Aroma-Point Therapy?

Unfortunately, there are no insurance companies that recognize aroma-point therapy as medically necessary and therefore do not cover this treatment.

Our exclusive line of specially formulated essential oil blends are perfect for use in an Aroma-point treatment.